Acid Reflux

A 47 year old woman who suffers from acid reflux which is a symptom of an unusual auto-immune disease called Scleroderma. She was diagnosed with this 10 years ago. 

There is no known cure for this disease which lays down too much collagen and results in tight shiny skin on the hands and face and stiffness and poor circulation in the affected areas. My client has Limited Systemic Sclerosis, a mild form of Scleroderma. This is also known as CREST – Calcinosis (abnormal deposit of calcium salts in tissues), Raynaud’s (poor circulation resulting in cold/numb hands/feet), (o)Esophageal dysfunction (scarring and reflux), Sclerodactyly (localized thickening of the skin of the fingers/toes) and Telangiectasia (broken blood vessels). 

My client also suffers from microstomia (small mouth). It is important to have regular blood pressure checks and also organ checks for the more serious disease Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis as this can cause fibrosis, especially in the lungs. For this information I looked at

Having filled out the consultation form I learned that my client also suffers from Raynaud’s disease in her hands and which is also a symptom of Scleroderma. She helps her circulation by taking Ginko Biloba supplements and by receiving a swedish massage once a week. She used to take steroids for Scleroderma but has not needed these for the past 4 years. She has previously needed lung checks but as there was no evidence of fibrosis these tests are no longer required.

On initial assessment, my client’s feet are very smooth with only very slight dry skin in both thyroid reflexes and a little hard skin in zone 3 of the left foot. Her nails are short and clean and her ankles flexible and relaxed. Her feet are cold and pale.

She is a very positive and confident person and communicates well with me. She has received Reflexology before from her aunt which she says has helped her well being but she has never been for regular sessions.

Our aims and objectives of the treatment are to :

  • improve circulation generally
  • balance hormones
  • balance the body to achieve homeostasis
  • aid relaxation and encourage slower consumption of food
  • improve circulation and tone of abdominal muscles which aids digestion

My client felt really well and relaxed after her treatment. She would normally have indigestion at this time of day but does not at the moment. Her feet warmed slightly during the treatment.

Client Feedback
My client felt very relaxed after her last treatment and felt very tired later that evening. She slept well but still had heartburn late on although she did have a pizza for tea which triggers the heartburn.

Treatment 2
My client is in a cheery mood today and stress levels are low. Her feet are warm and pale and her ankles flexible.

We agreed that I would continue with treating the nervous, endocrine and digestive systems with a warm up of the feet first and a cool down to finish.

Client Feedback
I spoke to my client the day after her last treatment and she was amazed that she had no heartburn for over 24hrs. She also noticed urinating more than normal. Overall, my client was very happy and I am very pleased that she is responding quickly to treatment.

Treatment 3
My client has noticed a huge improvement with her heartburn in that she has had much less than usual over the last week. She is still taking omeprazole in the evening but has not had to take extra antacids over the day. My client also mentioned that she has had a period which started on Sunday, the first in 3 months which she feels is down to the Reflexology treatment. My client is feeling well today apart from mild lower back pain. Her feet are warm and pale with flexible ankles. There are no changes to my client’s feet.

My client felt very well and relaxed after her treatment and needed to use the toilet immediately! She has not had heartburn at all today which is fantastic. Her feet were pale and cool after the treatment.

Case study is responding very well and very quickly to Reflexology which I am really pleased about.

Client feedback
My client has been aware of a noticeable decrease in her heartburn over this last week. The heartburn has not been completely eradicated but she is able to eat things that would normally aggravate the reflux e.g cheese, chili.

Treatment 4
My client is feeling well today and is very pleased that there has been an improvement with her heartburn. Her stress levels are low today and her feet are cool, pale and relaxed. We agreed that I would continue with treating the nervous, endocrine and digestive systems with a warm up of the feet first and a cool down to finish.

My client felt very relaxed during and after treatment. Her feet remained pale and cool throughout. My client had very little sensitivity today and she is obviously responding well to treatment which is fantastic.

Client feedback
My client felt well and slept well after her last treatment. There is still a noticeable improvement with the reflux.

Treatment 5
My client’s heartburn has been worse over the last 5 days which could be because she missed last weeks treatment and there has been a gap. Today my client is happy and stress free. Her feet are warm and pale.

We agreed that I would continue with treating the nervous, endocrine and digestive systems with a cool down to finish, missing out the mapping session this week as not much has shown up over the last couple of weeks.

My client felt good and relaxed after the treatment. Her feet remained warm and pale.

Client feedback
My client felt well after her last treatment. She noticed urinating more that evening and said her heartburn was present but not any worse or better than normal.

Treatment 6
My client has noticed the heartburn to be much better this week – less severe and less frequent so does not require extra antacids. My client told me she has another period. Her menstrual cycle seems to becoming more regular since starting treatment! She is well and stress free. Her feet are pale and cool.

I didn’t feel any crunches or congestion in my client’s feet today. I paid particular attention to the oesophagus, cardiac & pyloric sphincters, duodenum and stomach to help keep the heartburn at bay. I also treated the chronic area today.

My client feels well and relaxed and her feet stayed cool and pale. She felt no tenderness or sensitivity today at all.

Client feedback
My client feels there is a great improvement with the severity of the heartburn. Before she received Reflexology her heartburn would start first thing in the morning, right after breakfast, and would continue throughout the day, getting worse every time she ate. Now the heartburn is more sporadic and may not start until early evening.

Treatment 7
Client is laid back and stress free as usual. Although she has noticed a definite improvement with the heartburn there has been no noticeable improvement in her circulation. Her stress levels are usually low and she always sleeps well and this has continued. Her period lasted for seven days last which was longer than normal. Her feet are cool and pale.

My client felt tender at both lumbar regions (4) which then eased away to nothing. She told me her lower back has been a bit twingey in the mornings. I checked her sacro-iliac reflexex but these were not painful at all. I also felt a slight crunch in the stomach reflex on both feet. My client felt no tenderness. I worked the lower back reflex and the chronic area at the end of the treatment.

She is responding really well to Reflexology and she really enjoys our sessions. She is very happy to have some relief from the heartburn. Her feet remained pale and cool.

Client Feedback
My client felt really well and energized after the last treatment and only notice severe heartburn after eating too late in the evening the other day.

Treatment 8
My client feels well today and is happy to be on summer holidays in a couple of days. The heartburn has been minimal this week which she is delighted with. She has not noticed any improvement with circulation but it has not been cold so it is hard for her to tell if there have been any changes. Stress levels are low and feet are cool and pale.

My client felt relaxed after her treatment. Her feet actually warmed up during the session which has never happened before – there must be an improvement in her circulation! Case study #4 really felt Reflexology helped and improved her main complaint of heartburn. She was so impressed with the results that she is keen to continue with regular treatments.

After the treatment I advised my client on the possibility of a healing crisis. She may feel tired, lethargic and achy over the next 24-48 hours. I also suggested my client increase her water intake, especially if she feels a headache coming on. I advised her to rest well for the rest of the day to encourage her body to heal itself. If she had any worries or problems she could contact me.


My client’s primary complaint was heartburn which was so severe she was medicated for it with omeprazole and also had to take extra antacids every day. This was a side effect to an unusual auto-immune disease called Schleroderma which affects the oesophagus.

As quickly as treatment #2 my client started to notice an improvement with the heartburn and this continued to improve throughout the whole case study. There was such an improvement that my client was able to stop taking the extra daily antacids and continue throughout her day without the pain and annoyance of reflux.

My client health was in good shape and so there was just the few crunches and twinges in the feet so we decided that the mapping session was not needed after treatment 4. I have noticed that this tends to happen with most client’s anyway.

At the last treatment my client claimed the heartburn was minimal which was what we intended to happen, so result!

I also noticed that my clients feet warmed up during the last treatment which was unusual and a sign that her circulation has started to improve too. With monthly sessions I hope this can continue to improve.

Overall this case study was a definite success which resulted in a happy, healthier customer.