Leith Treatments Protocols




Once your appointment has been booked in, I will video call you within 24hrs of your appointment time. This will be either on Whatsapp or Messenger, depending on your preference. Other apps can be used if preferred – we can finalise this when booking your appointment. I am happy to use whatever is easiest for yourself.

The video call will be to discuss your consultation/health issues/injuries/any changes to be recorded and to also go through the COVID-19 assessment. This will last approximately 15mins and will be classed as part of your treatment. I may ask you to demonstrate particular movements on the call if you have a specific injury. This is to limit our face to face time on your appointment day.

  • Please note – COVID-19 Disclaimer must be filled out and signed for EVERY appointment you make.
  • Video calls for new clients may take longer than 15mins due to a whole new consultation form being filled in. This will still be classed as part of your treatment time


Please call or text me (07971392209) when you have arrived. Your car can be parked on the street at the end of my driveway. Come round the side of the building and down the path to the back garden. I will already have the back door open for you. Please be wearing your face covering. This is mandatory for the duration of your treatment. If you have forgotten one then I will have masks that you can buy for £1 each.

Hand gel will be sitting at the door for you to use upon entering. I will then ask you to sign the COVID-19 disclaimer that we went through the night before on video call. This is to ensure I have your written signature for legal purposes. I advise you to bring your own pen for this but I will have clean pens available if you forget.

I will not be taking temperatures on arrival but please feel free to check your own before you arrive. We will have discussed this the night before anyway.

If you need to use the bathroom before/after treatment then I will ask you to use the side door of the house, instead of walking through the house. This is just to limit contact through the home. So please have this in mind before you undress! Paper towels, anti-bacterial soap, hand gel and pedal bin will all be in the bathroom. Thorough cleaning of all surfaces will take place between appointments.


I will then ask you to put clothing/belongings into a plastic storage box. Try and leave bulky items, like jackets, in the car if possible. If you are a key worker then please ensure you have showered/changed out of uniform before you arrive. There will be a metal chair covered with couch roll for you to sit on if required. The massage couch will be covered with paper roll and pillows will have plastic coverings that are easily wiped down between use. This will not be the cosy comfort like before so I do apologise about this. I will have fleece blankets along with towels to keep you warm and these will obviously be changed for every client.

Your treatment will have you face down for the majority of the time. I will do some side-lying techniques but will try and limit the amount of time you are face up to limit face-to-face contact. Please have this in mind as you will be required to wear your face covering at all times.  Treatment from arrival to finish will last no longer than 45mins. Along with the 15min consultation, this will equal 60mins. Those with vouchers for 90mins can choose to split their time or wait until restrictions have eased.


Once treatment has finished I will ask you to dress. It is advisable to bring your own water bottle but of course I can provide a glass of water if required. Usually we would discuss a next appointment at this stage but we will have to discuss that through messaging later on. Or we can discuss it in the garden if it’s not raining!


Some of you already pay digitally so that is fine. Those that pay cash – I am still very much accepting cash! I will have an envelope ready for you to put cash in and it will be left untouched until the end of the day.


Prices will remain the same. At this time, the best choice of treatment is 60mins at £50. 30mins would just be too short with the video call taken into consideration and I am not allowed at this moment to offer longer appointments.


Treatments I will be still be offering are:

  • Advanced Remedial/Sports Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Sorry, no more hot stones/facials!


I will leave a minimum of 30mins between each client to allow for cleaning and ventilating the room. Please be assured that I will be extremely thorough with this and I will have a cleaning rota that you can see on request if you so wish.

I will also be wearing a face mask, safety goggles and disposable apron for the duration of your treatment to ensure safety measures.

Any questions, please email gwen@leithtreatments.com

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