Testimonials – read what our clients say…

Highly recommended; Gwen is friendly, professional and fixes up the tight you didn’t even know you had! Wish I could find the timer to get to her more often!

Becky Smith

Gwen is friendly and super knowledgeable. She is able to figure out what is off and fix it. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Alicia Alexandra

Gwen is amazing. An hour with her helped me release tension in my shoulders so that I no longer had one shoulder higher than the other. Her consultation is outstanding and her massages help for ages after having one. Never met a better person for the job.

Natasha Cheyne

There is no such thing as seeing Gwen too often – the lady has magic hands. 🙂 Highly recommended.

Emma Wright

Had been going to physio a while but with no results but felt so much better after just one trip back to Gwen. Whether it’s to fix a problem or just general deep massage, this lady is a skilled genius.

Emma Murton

I highly recommend Gwen. I have an old injury that gives me a lot of trouble but Gwen was very thorough during her examination and treatment for me. She made me feel comfortable straight away and found the exact spots I needed looked at. I couldn’t have asked for better. Plus she had great chat!

Laura Dalgetty

I absolutely love Gwen and couldn’t do my exercise regime without her. She is very kind, professional and knows exactly what to do. After every session I feel so much better. I recommend her to all my friends.

Victoria Anderson

Gwen is superb! She knew right away what was out with me and got me fixed in no time, along with tips to improve my posture. You will love her!

Lynsey McGreavey