Treatment Packages

Why not try one of our Massage Packages. Or buy one for a friend.

Top to Toe Bliss

1hr or 1.5hr treatment

A blissfully relaxing treatment to ultimately de-stress and balance the meridians (energy pathways) of the body. Includes Indian Head Massage/Hot Stones with Therapeutic Massage/Reflexology. This package will help with stress, insomnia, anxiety, grief, jet lag, headache, migraine and blocked energy.

Corrective Recovery Therapy

1hr treatment

Correcting mis-alignments in the spine/pelvis, restoring muscle balance and relieving pain. Includes Advanced Remedial and Remedial and Sports therapy. This package will help with back pain, neck pain, postural imbalances, migraine, chronic injury, muscular pain and joint pain.

Circulation Boosting Treatment

1hr or 1.5hr treatment

The ultimate therapy to boost circulation, helping your heart, blood flow and cell production while re-vitalising the body and helping toxin/waste removal. Includes Hot Stones/Deep Tissue Massage/Thai Foot Massage. This package can help with Raynaud’s disease/vascular conditions/swollen ankles/blocked energy/lymphatic flow/immunity problems.

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